Jungian Analysis



Carl Jung

FAQ about Jungian Analysis

Analysis from the Jungian perspective is simply about learning the tools to uncover and discover what your unconscious is trying to tell you—in dreams, in moods, in your body process, in your sadness, in your joy—in relationships, etc.  Often therapy has an agenda—in this work the agenda is left to the dream-maker.

People engage in analysis who are seeking to discover what lies within the nuances of their psychic life.  Why do I hate my job?  What is my path?  Why can’t I crack open a depressive outlook on life?  And so on.  Analysis does not necessarily provide answers to these questions, but it does help clarify issues and point one in a direction of growth and consciousness.

How often do I come?

This is left to you—ideally analysis is once or twice a week so that each dream can be discussed in analysis but your schedule or finances may require you to come less often.

What if I don’t dream?

Usually people begin to dream after they learn a trick or two to remember them.  But, dreams are not necessary for analysis to be deep and meaningful.

How much does it cost?

Costs can be discussed privately in your first session.